What we do

Vanguard builds specialist solutions for public health providers to bring local specialist services back to their community efficiently and sustainably.

Specialist Services

Healthcare Delivered


As an outcomes focused provider our clients rely on Vanguards proven ability to rapidly establish medical services in regional Australia or put specialist clinicians on the ground where they are needed most.


Service Redesign

Clinician led Redesign

Vanguard has a unique approach that provides an expert panel of clinicians to  lead clinical change management and deliver real change for our clients.

Digital Health

New Service Models that work

Vanguard supports public health providers to build new digital clinical models that have the support of the specialist clinicians and provide better patient experiences, wider geographic reach and lower cost to service.

The Vanguard Team

Kerry Gallagher AM

Kerry brings a lifetime of experience in Defence, and Health to his role as the Chairman of Vanguard Health  As a Vietnam Veteran he is also committed to supporting better Veterans Health outcomes.


e: kerry@vanguardhealth.com.au

m: 0418 720 395

Tim Gallagher
Chief Executive Officer

The Vanguard Health Chief Executive Officer, Tims background in using innovation to find new solutions has seen Vanguard and their partner Clinicians bring new service models to market for Australian communities.


e: tim@vanguardhealth.com.au

m: 0497 001 007

Katrina Ronne
Government Relations Director

Katrina, in her role with the Australian Society of Ophthalmology, works to protect the access and affordability of eye health services for all Australians.

Katrina also delivers results driven medico-political advocacy for Vanguard clients drawing form her 10-year career in government relations.


e: katrina@vanguardhealth.com.au

m: 0401 385 128

Dr. Sean Rothwell
Medical Advisory Panel Lead

Dr Rothwell is a Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.


He serves as Director of Emergency and Trauma Centre at the Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital.

Dr Rothwell provides advisory panel and consulting advice to Vanguard on a project by project basis.


183 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000
Ph: +617 3831 3004
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