Our Story

Better health, better lives for all Australians.

At Vanguard Health our mission is simple - to enable local healthcare services to help all Australians achieve better health and a better life wherever they live.

From Katherine to the Whitsundays and Toowoomba to Alice Springs, we have partnered with services to deliver essential healthcare to communities across Australia since 2009. 

Our deep roots in the medical specialist and health community give us a unique understanding of the logistical, financial and clinical challenges health services face today. 

Working in trusted partnerships with the government, private sector and industry we adapt our services, expertise, specialist knowledge and unique skills to—

  • Create new and innovative solutions to complex health service delivery challenges
  • Provide services, programs and care that improve the health and wellbeing of all people
  • Deliver culturally responsive healthcare services
  • Improve equity of access to healthcare in rural and remote areas.
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The Vanguard Health team
Happy and smiling indigenous woman receiving a pair of prescription sunglasses from the IRIS program
Covid-19 rapid response vehicles ready for deployment

Our expertise

Project management

We have extensive experience in partnering with health services to customise solutions and work collaboratively with them in the delivery of their programs of work.

Stakeholder management

Our expertise and broad networks in healthcare ensure that we are a reliable partner, engaging stakeholders around difficult issues and health service challenges. Our senior clinical experts and experienced delivery team are experienced at building collaborative models that achieve win-win outcomes for all parties.

Specialist service reviews & governance

Vanguard has a leading clinical panel available across the full range of specialities to support public health service development and review. With access to specialists in all service areas, our clients can find expert support to develop and embed appropriate clinical governance models for their location and structure.

Public-private integration planning

Our team are experienced in developing effective integrations between private and public models of care to maximise efficiency, clinical resources and patient outcomes for Australian communities.

e-Health and digital solutions

At Vanguard we believe e-Health and technology service integration is essential for the future sustainability of healthcare. We have successfully delivered new specialist service models with e-health platform integration to provide better patient experiences and wider geographic reach.

Workforce planning & solutions

We provide accessible and cost-effective workforce solutions ranging from individual staff in remote postings right through to fully functioning teams that can run comprehensive health services. We have built an extensive network of skilled, engaged and professional healthcare workers and adhere to the Recruitment Industry standard level of customer service as defined by the Recruitment and Consulting Services Australia (RCSA).

Vanguard Health has current certification

International Organisation for Standardisation  9001:2015 Quality Management Systems -accreditation standards.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Vanguard Health is committed to being an active participant in reconciliation and recognising the true history of this country. Every day we strive to promote inclusiveness, awareness, equal job opportunities, equity of access to health care services and address the disadvantages that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples continue to face. We are committed to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to build stronger relationships, improve our service, create more opportunities, and advance reconciliation in Australia.

Our vision for reconciliation

Our vision for reconciliation is an Australia that embraces unity between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians, and a national culture that represents equality and equity, historical acceptance of our shared history and removal of negative race relations. In the context of our organisation, this represents equal health outcomes for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, and an inclusive and diverse workplace that is not just culturally safe, but culturally rich and proud.

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan is a strong foundation for Vanguard Health to build on. It will inform our plans for the future and support our reconciliation journey.  Our Reflect RAP outlines how we work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders to build relationships, show respect and improve opportunities.

The Vanguard Health team

Our team is made up of highly regarded, experienced experts in healthcare and are adaptable, innovative problem solvers—people united in a shared commitment to delivering better healthcare together.
Kerry Gallagher, AM

With a lifetime of experience in Defence and Health, Kerry brings unique and highly valuable insight and perspective to his role as Chairman of Vanguard Health.

Previously the long-term CEO at AMA Queensland and Secretary-General at Federal AMA, Kerry is a well respected medical and health lobbyist and policy adviser. He has more than 20 years of experience working in both state and federal health settings and provides strategic guidance to a number of medical groups including the Australian Society of Ophthalmologists. Kerry served as Program Director for IRIS from 2010 to 2014 and is a dedicated advocate for rural and First Nations health programs. 

Kerry started Vanguard Health in 2009 and established it to make a direct contribution to better regional, rural and First Nations healthcare access.

Tim Gallagher
Chief Executive Officer

Tim has led the Vanguard Health team and overseen the development and delivery of our core business since 2015. A passionate public health advocate and leader, Tim has brought together an engaged, high-performing team at Vanguard Health who deliver high-quality outcomes for our clients across consulting, recruitment and project delivery divisions.

Tim’s commitment to innovation and tenacity in finding better healthcare solutions for all Australians has seen Vanguard Health and our partners create new service models and deliver better health outcomes for communities right across Australia.

Dr Sean Rothwell
Medical Director

Dr Rothwell is a Fellow of the Australian College of Emergency Medicine.  Dr Rothwell is a leading Emergency Physician and leads our approach in offering a personal service with a focus on long term relationships with clinicians to understand their personal and professional needs.  He serves as Director of Emergency, Trauma and Retrieval Services at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Leanne McNab
Nurse Advisor

A registered nurse with an extensive health background, Leanne has worked in both nursing and management roles for Vanguard Health and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. She specialises in process improvement, assisting the Vanguard Health team to deliver the best outcomes by working smarter.

Leanne was deeply involved in our rapid response and delivery programs, including pandemic responses and is committed to providing healthcare options to those who would otherwise have limited access to services. She now advises our team on nursing requirements and clinical governance.

Georgia Auger
National Manager, Medical and Allied Health

Georgia is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in healthcare and medical recruitment. With a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, Georgia brings a wealth of clinical knowledge and expertise to her role. Over the past decade, she has made significant contributions to the healthcare industry. Driven by a passion for connecting healthcare professionals with rewarding opportunities, Georgia transitioned into medical recruitment over eight years ago. Specializing in doctor, allied health and nursing recruitment, she has successfully matched countless healthcare professionals with positions that align with their skills, expertise, and career aspirations. Georgia's commitment to excellence, and her deep understanding of the healthcare landscape have earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor among both healthcare organizations and job seekers alike. Her ability to navigate the complexities of the medical field, coupled with her dedication to fostering meaningful connections, sets her apart as a leader in medical recruitment.

Jennifer Meier
Manager, Surgical Services

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience working in the health sector and has a Bachelor of Social Work and Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. Responsible for the management of operational aspects of Vanguard Health, Jennifer is skilled in project initiation and management, policy development, stakeholder engagement, strategic leadership, corporate governance and strategic planning. 

Jennifer oversees business operations for client projects and is committed to ensuring they are managed effectively and efficiently—so that they can achieve life-changing outcomes for Australian communities.

Tim Brown
Digital & Operations Manager

Tim is passionate about business and, in particular, the way in which good commercial ideas and technology can have a positive impact on the world. Tim has a strong interest in the health, technology, and manufacturing sectors as well as a passion for sustainability. Tim is currently Digital and Operations Manager at Vanguard Health (including Champion Mentors). Tim is always striving to drive efficiency and innovation and select the right digital solution in order to deliver successful implementations.

Ricole Kopetzky
Workforce Relationship Manager

Ricole brings an in-depth knowledge of human resources, health recruitment, onboarding processes and credentialing requirements for various specialist groups to the Vanguard Health team. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Care and Human Resource Management.

Ricole has excellent working relationships with internal stakeholders, General Medical Training organisations, AMA, PMCV and Universities. With a unique capacity to understand exactly what stakeholders need, Ricole has a proven track record supporting Vanguard Health projects and partner organisations with qualified, competent and professional staff in both permanent and locum capacities.

Anna Morrison
Service Coordinator

Anna has been with Vanguard Health since 2015 and is the heart and soul of our business. Anna brings a wealth of experience in managing all aspects of our office and ensuring it runs smoothly for our staff and clients.