Partnering for Success 

Dr. Bill Glasson with one of his patients in Katherine in the Northern Territory.


Vanguard has supported the delivery of local medical services in the resources sector.

The Vanguard Way

Vanguard is committed to supporting our clients identify and action their own unique requirements for improving the health care services they deliver for the patients, staff or local communities.

We recognise that every location, patient group or community is unique and as such we have a flexible engagement model that allows us to customise a solution specifically for each client that includes looking at all the required elements.

Vanguard is an outcomes focused team and we own the responsibility of addressing our clients most challenging problems allowing them to concentrate on other issues.

Vanguard has an extensive clinical network which is our unique offering that allows us to support a full range of health service planning and delivery, existing service reviews, change management or general consulting services.

The Vanguard way is to look for positive engagement models that see doctor, health service providers and importantly patients all benefiting from collaborative, efficient and innovative service models.

Download a case study of an example of our work supporting health services engage their teams in service re-design.

Download an overview of our package of available services to support regional hospital and health services increase their local specialist service offering.

Our Consulting Services 

Specialist Service Redesign

Vanguard Health is a recognised provider of specialist service redesign, planning and change management. Service needs change and Vanguard can support your team to manage this change without negatively impacting your patient flow.

Public Private Integration Planning

Vanguard is a specialist provider of advice in the effective integration of available private and public models of care to maximise efficiency, clinical resources and patient outcomes for Australian communities.

e-Health and Technology Integration

At Vanguard we believe e-Health and technology service integration are essential for future the sustainability of healthcare. Vanguard has successfully delivered new specialist service models with e-health platform integration.

Specialist Service Reviews

Vanguard has a class leading clinical panel available across the full range of specialities to support public health services review and re-align their specialist services.

Project Management

We have extensive experience in partnering with health services to customise solutions and work collaboratively with them in the delivery of their programs of work.

Clinical Governance

With access to specialists in all service areas we support clients to have access to the necessary expertise to develop and embed appropriate clinical governance models for their location and structure.

Strategic Planning

We have a defined model of engagement that allows Vanguard health to quickly assess existing models against community need and develop actionable roadmaps for health services to implement.

Health Service Development and Expansion

Vanguard has broad experience in the logistical, financial and clinical challenges being faced by health services. As a result we are a trusted partner in the development and expansion of health services by combining our expertise in health service planning, funding models, specialist medical markets and health service delivery.

Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation

Our expertise and broad networks in healthcare ensure that Vanguard Health is a reliable partner for engaging stakeholders about difficult issues and health service challenges. Our senior clinical experts and experienced delivery team can mediate and negotiate difficult stakeholders on your behalf to achieve win:win outcomes.