Partnering for Success 

The Vanguard Way

Vanguard as a business is committed to engaging with Australian doctors to support them to extend their services efficiently to public patients in regional, rural and remote locations as well as Indigenous communities.

In partnership with clinicians and public health services we have now coordinated specialist health programs for both State and Federal government and in locations across Queensland, Western Australian, New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Since 2009 Vanguard coordinated public medical services that have seen thousands of Australian public patients have their health needs met.

The Vanguard way is to look for positive engagement models that see clinicians, public health services and importantly patients all benefiting from collaborative and innovative service models.

Examples of our Work

CSIRO Remote-I Pilot

A tele-health program that utilised an online system coupled to satellite technology to bring eye health screening services to 500 people in remote communities in the Cape and Torres region over a 12 month pilot.

CQHHS Ophthalmology

A 3 year program where Vanguard partnered with the Central Queensland Hospital and Health service to re-establish a regional public Ophthalmology program. The program continues today with over 1,000 people annually receiving outpatient and surgical services locally in Rockhampton.


A program for the Federal Government, The Indigenous and Remote Eye Health Service (IRIS), since 2010 has delivered over 2,400 cataract surgeries across 26 rural and remote locations.

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