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COVID-19 testing and vaccination

Rapid response and delivery program and surge workforce solutions to meet community demand and deliver multiple local COVID-19 testing and vaccination services across Australia.

October 3, 2023
May 19, 2023
Commonwealth Government partnership

In October 2021, Vanguard Health became an approved provider of COVID-19 vaccination services for the Commonwealth Government. Since approval, Vanguard Health has delivered vaccination services in partnership with local Aboriginal Health Corporations across Northern Territory, New South Wales and Queensland.

Surge workforce solutions

Vanguard Health also coordinate professional, accessible and cost-effective surge workforce solutions for COVID-19 clinics and general primary healthcare services to meet increased demand during the pandemic.

Our surge workforce solutions—

  • Support health services to continue to deliver business as usual
  • Assist in the provision of care to improve the health and wellbeing of people
  • Provide culturally responsive healthcare services
  • Increase equity of access to healthcare in rural and remote areas.
Working with State and Territory Governments

Vanguard Health works collaboratively with State and Territory governments to provide vaccinations service in collaboration with services.

As a current declared provider for Queensland Health, Vanguard Health is skilled in the use of the QCVMS to effectively manage vaccine inventory and supply chains across the identified regional and remote areas of Queensland.

BHP Partnership

In June 2020, Vanguard Health facilitated temporary COVID-19 testing centres in Moranbah and Bowen under the BHP Vital Resources Fund. This was a private-public partnership with Vanguard Health managing service delivery on behalf of BHP and the Mackay Hospital and Health service.

The Vanguard Health team implemented, managed and provided staffing for two stand-alone, fixed testing sites as well as mobile outreach COVID-19 testing services for the nearby communities of Clermont, Dysart, Middlemount and Collinsville.

The services provided free COVID-19 testing to the general public and facilitated referrals to local providers for post-test result treatment and/or management.

In June 2021, the Moranbah Centre transitioned to providing vaccinations to those eligible under the Department of Health guidelines. The Vanguard Health/BHP clinic made a significant impact on the health of locals and increased the vaccination rates in the Moranbah community and surrounding areas.

Partner with us

Vanguard Health is an experienced provider of COVID-19 testing and vaccination services in regional and remote locations across Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Territory.

Our team are credentialed medical officers and specialist nurses, who are fully vaccinated, have undertaken the essential training required to provide COVID_19  testing and vaccination services to members of the public, and are experienced in working within both mobile and static vaccination clinics.

Our team have a proven track record in responding to complex and evolving community health needs. Contact us to discuss how we can partner with you to deliver a rapid response and delivery program in your region.

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