Why sign up for locum work?

What are the benefits of being a locum doctor?

Maybe you need a temporary change of scenery. Maybe you want to experience working in another facility without having to take a permanent role.  Maybe you’re between jobs and have a few weeks, or a few months to fill and could do with a bit of extra income.  Maybe you want the flexibility to work for half of the year, and spend the other half travelling through Europe. 

While we don’t know your exact interests and reasons for considering locum roles, we can confirm that any of the above, and much more, is achievable as a locum.

Locum roles are both short-term and long-term positions available in hospitals, GP clinics and outreach programs.  They range from single days to cover emergent sick leave, to 6-month placements to cover planned long-service leave or the gap while a new employee relocates their family.  It may even be a short-term need to reduce waiting lists or anticipated seasonal demand (Christmas or winter are two key examples).

The Key Benefits

Travel – working as a locum means you can travel for work with someone else paying for your flights and accommodation.  You will have the chance to be a weekend tourist and travel in your off-days. 

Flexibility – you can choose when to work, where to work and what sort of work you want to do.  We can work with you to negotiate week-on / week-off work, find placements for 1-2 months at a time, or longer-term roles.  By setting your availability, you can have as much off-time for travel and other life commitments as you desire. 

Extra Money – locum pay rates will generally be more generous than a permanent role and if you’re willing to travel to remote locations, and/or be available for urgent vacancies, the payrates can be very attractive.

Experience new work environments – maybe you want to try a new location without taking a permanent role, or maybe you don’t know what you want to do next.  Locum work allows you to try a number of short-term opportunities without the commitment of taking a permanent job.  In many sites, if you love the placement a transition to permanent role can be negotiated.

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